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Nowadays mobile internet is usually advertised as an ubiquitous resource. And with mobile internet come mobile maps. There may though be reason to use offline maps:

  • mobile internet may be unreasonably slow in crowded areas. Offline maps on the other hand offer consistent and reliable performance.
  • mobile internet may be not available everywhere, e.g. in the countryside. Offline maps do not need internet connectivity at all.
  • although you may be used to ubiquitous internet within your home country, as a tourist you may encounter serious roaming charges
  • turning off wireless internet may save significant battery power
  • permanent connectivity may be perceived as a threat to privacy. Offline maps may help here since they allow you to avoid constant internet traffic


Why OpenStreetMap data?

Our maps are based on data from OpenStreetMap. Why?

  • OpenStreetMap data is free and open . That means it may be used in (almost) arbitrary fashion and e.g. allows us to provide our maps at a very low price
  • OpenStreetMap is a collaborative project similar to Wikipedia. That means you may enhance the data or correct errors yourself
  • In many places, OpenStreetMap provides more detail than other map providers and is very much up to date


  1. Smallest and fastest maps says:

    Vector maps are really awesome. They take up less space and work really fast. For example, the map of the Germany takes only 120 MB and the map of France – 108 MB.
    To make maps work faster, Smart Solutions Offline Maps has pioneered the use of GPUs in addition to CPUs to render vector maps on devices.

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